Monday, August 8, 2011

Giveaway Winners!!

The winners of the Bloodsucking Ghostly Summer Giveaway are as follows:

The Winner of the $10 Amazon gift card, and an eBook copy of blood & Spirits is:


The Winners of the two $5 Amazon gift cards, and eBook copies of Blood & Spirits are:

RhiannonPaille & Aobibliophile(tm)

The winners of the other 7 copies of the eBook copy of Blood & Spirits are:

"wravenmadd", "Kaht", "M..", "Peace, Lena, and Happiness", "De Shea", "jdgentry", & "silverwind".

I thank everyone who entered, and everyone who supported the contest and spread the word!!!

If the winners could email me at: I'll get your loot to you! ;)

It's been a great summer, I know I'll never forget it, and you all have been a part of that!!!

Thank you!