Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So "what's new", right?

I'm sitting at my faithful comuputer waiting, as I am so often doing these days. I have email and files that need to be sent or returned to me. I have done all I can and am sitting and waiting on others to get back to me.

In my recent news: I have a few articles in pulications due out in the next few days about my most recent book, "The Years Distilled". The one of these that probably impacts me the most is the article in the Paducah Sun-Democrat. I grew up reading that paper, so it means something to me that I would be featured in it.

My sales have been unimaginably good to this point. I can't thank my readers and fans enough for all they have done for me.

I'll have a run of photos taken for my press releases, and articles, that should be up on my Facebook account later tonight. I should also have some more samples for my upcoming book of short fiction there as well in the notes section. The first chapter of "Blood & Spirits" is still available there as well if you'd care to read it.

It's been a crazy eventful few weeks. I'm off now to write articles for the BaZooka magazine.

Good eve all


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