Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Review - Messiah of Monsters

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.

This book was most certainly nothing I was expecting to read when I cracked it open. The best word I can think of to describe it is complex. I read another review where the reviewer said this book wasn't in their genre of choice. I find it difficult to assign this book a genre. In my mind it defies simple genre classification. It was disturbing at points and occasionally jarring, but engrossing. The author is most definitely a spinner of yarns, and a teller of stories.

There were points in the reading where I found it necissary to set the book aside, and do something else. Does this mean that I lost the story? Not in the least. It's near impossible to "lose" the story.

The world building, in this book left a little to be desired, but the characters are well defined, and all too real, with voices of their own - and head space you don't always want to share, but can't draw yourself away from.

The sexual content in this book was unlike any I've encountered, and the twisted horror/romance (and yes, I do believe it was romance) were shocking in a way that is is difficult to turn your head from - in a true crime documentary, can't quite believe it but can't see any other way the events could unfold - sort of way.

I would love to see more of Sam, as a charater, under different circumstances and in different story lines. That for me is a rarity. I think Sam would do well (interestingly) in all sorts of different settings (not that it really pertains to this book, but it does speak to the strength of the character).

I'm somewhat rambling here, so let me just say this: The charaters are deep, and unique. The story is interesting, and engaging. Dunn has succeeded with this book, even if there really isn't a cookie-cutter genre to file it in.

Worth the time to read. I will read it again.

- Dennis Sharpe

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