Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Mitch Will vs. The Queen of Evil and her Space Zombies!"

People ask me all the time what I am currently working on...  I figured that it wouldn't hurt to give all you readers who are on my blog a little sneak peak into an upcoming work of mine that has been seriously dominating my work time lately.

That project is:

"Mitch Will vs. The Queen of Evil and her Space Zombies!"

The year is 2413 and the Earth is in grave peril. The High Queen of the evil Intergalactic Necromantic Confederation has set her sights on conquest of our solar system, and sent the first invasion wave of the Z.D.A. (Zombie Doom Army) in as an occupying force! While the world turns inside out, the Queen herself is fast approaching with her heavily armed star cruiser to establish a new royal palace on Mars, and worst of all… she’s planning to deploy the Zombification Ray!

From the Horseshoe Nebula, streaking to Earth’s rescue, comes Ash’Ley – last of the Chapell, an alien race whose home world fell long ago to the evil Queen.  Can she manage to convince the Planetary Union to work with her, to save themselves and the Universe?

What can humanity do? Where can they turn in this time of need?
A hero must step forward, but who?

The hope of her plan, and freedom and liberty for all living beings, 
all rest on the shoulders of one man… 

The incomparable Star Commander Mitch Will! 

He’s the most decorated officer to ever give up his commission and leave the Star League. He’s a straight shooting, smooth talking, lady’s man with a loose cannon attitude and contempt for the bureaucratic fat cats calling the shots at Star League Command. 

Will he save us? Will he defeat the Queen? Will he free the zombies? Will he spread love throughout the whole of the universe?

If anyone can… Mitch Will!

* * *

This is the product of a silly Facebook fill-in-the-blanks quiz, a song by Queen, and an overactive imagination fed far too much Sci-Fi from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. 

I think I was able to sum it up best when I explained it to a friend by saying, "It's a Sci-Fi comedy for well-read nerds..." 

It's likely the funniest thing I've ever attempted to write, and while I'm certain no one shares my exact tastes, or sense of humor, I believe it will serve to draw a laugh or two and serve as a good and entertaining ride.

I'll be posting excerpts from it, and artwork as I get it, to keep everyone informed, so be sure and check back here for updates. ;)

Here's a little piece:

The transport shuttle shoots downward out of the night sky and slips quietly into the hanger accessible only to the ‘officer’s only’ decks of Star Command.  Mitch exits the craft, with his dress uniform draped over his shoulder, expecting some sort of fanfare to make a theatrical protest against. Instead he finds a lone familiar face. Erin McGavic, his longtime first officer, is waiting to greet him with a disapproving gaze.
The last time he had seen her was almost five years ago, when he retired his commission and left Star Command. He had always thought that she was the most wonderful and supportive subordinate officer he could have hoped for. While everyone else had argued with his decision to leaving the service, Erin had steadfastly stood by him.
He smirks at her, as though sharing an inside joke, but she doesn’t respond. Her arms are crossed and her expression is grim. She looks more severe in her dress uniform, with her ginger hair pulled back tightly to her head, than he remembers ever having seen her.
“I’m sorry to see you here again, Commander Will,” She says bluntly, then attempts to cover. “Especially under these dire circumstances.”
Erin turns and gestures to the open corridor and the two of them begin walking in step.
“They needed a hero, I understand that,” Mitch says waving his hand dismissively toward her. “But I retired for a reason, Erin”
Mitch recognizes where she’s leading him. They’re not more than twenty feet from the Planetary Union’s Presidential briefing room. He had been expecting no less, of course.
She takes a deep breath trying to keep her composure as they continue down the sterile white corridor. “I told them there was no need to reactivate you. I assured them that that I was perfectly capable…”
Mitch’s flamboyant laughter cuts her off. He almost loses his balance as the hilarity of her suggestion gets the better of him. He looks at Erin in expectation of her adoration. Instead she simply glares at him. He’s confused for a moment. Most women find it flattering when he shows his appreciation of their attempts at humor, and he had found this one to be genuinely funny. Then it begins to dawn on him, due to the ice in her eyes, that comedy was not her intent.
“Oh, Erin… you… you were serious. Oh. You…” Mitch’s voice betrays his unfamiliarity with awkwardness, or at least with being aware of it.
“You can address me as Captain McGavic, Commander,” her tone is frosty as she interrupts him.  “Now why don’t you just shut up and get into your uniform?”
She points to the male officers’ restroom and dressing quarters.
Mitch turns to go inside, and then blasts a smile back at her over his shoulder. “You’re sure you don’t want to help me with that?”
“I’d sooner seal myself shut with a welding torch, Sir.” Her emotionless monotone and implied sarcasm are lost on Mitch.
“Kinky.” He says as he winks and steps out of view.
The stunned Captain stares after him for a moment before shaking her head and continuing down the corridor
“How? How was I able to serve under that man for three years?” She asks herself under her breath. “I wonder how long it will take him to realize I outrank him now?”

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