Friday, April 22, 2016

What's new with you lately? Well, let's see...

2016 has been an extremely busy year for me so far... and it shows absolutely no sign, at this point, of slowing down. 

I'm unbelievably happy to report that working with Melissa Flickinger, Sophie Thomas, Pam Elise Harris, Rachel Gluckstern, and Michelle Fairbanks I've created some things (and am still creating things) that I couldn't be more excited about or proud of... More so than ever before.

So what I'll do here is make a little list for everyone... assuming they're interested... of the things that 2016 (so far) has seen me release...


Hole in the World

– Transcribed Snapshots –
– Observations, Comments, and Interpretations –

Hole in the World is a collection of pieces of spoken word poetry, essays, and ruminations on life created in the five years since the release of Fresh. This work is a collection of previously unpublished author favorites or pieces originally intended for online sources. 

Each of the pieces that comprise this work's whole is an impassioned cry or deep and personal pain. They are bared for you with the author's hope that something contained herein will touch you, connecting you with the raw humanity or shared experiences of not just existing, but actually living.

(Available only as a Kindle exclusive eBook) 

Life With Annie

*Trigger Warning* this story contains mature situations that may trigger some people/survivors of assault or abuse.

This short story takes place entirely from the point of view of the title character. No other characters have a voice. Everything is seen through Annie's eyes, what Annie says, what she feels, and what she thinks. It is four days in the life of a woman at the end of a deeply abusive relationship... four days in December of 1996, spent, for a few stolen moments, inside the mind of a life in flux.

"Sometimes the decisions you make are mistakes, some mistakes you just have to outlive… A little perspective goes a long way."

(Available in any eBook Format from Smashwords as a free download)

Saturday Night to Infinity

"All we have is time." 

Saturday night at midnight there was nuclear explosion in Middle America. Everyone for miles around was killed, even Andy Gordon, but that was both the beginning and the end of the longest week of his life. He knows what midnight on Saturday means, but how can he save countless lives when no one will listen to him? 

A theoretical physics grad student named Nora Lehman is the only comfort, and only real help, Andy has in this quick flying adventure of seeming infinite peril set on ‘repeat’. Together can they find a way to stop the explosion from happening? Can they save everyone? Can they even save themselves before the clock strikes midnight on Saturday night… again?

(Available only as an eBook) 

A Visual Sea of Infinite Emotion

“It’s passion and honesty. It’s brutal, comforting, and raw. It’s all right here... in black and white and words...”

A Visual Sea Of Infinite Emotion is a collection of sentiments, saved seconds, and sensations etched into the crystal surface of a human soul. It contains spoken word poetry jigsawed together with images to form a record of emotions, experiences, and encounters with people and places in a manner designed to drag you along with the tone and voice of the works as they were intended to be felt firsthand. There is no order imposed, everything is simply lifted from throughout the first thirty-nine years of a life spent drifting and drafting through a world of confusion and comfort, happiness and hate. Each face is a window into a time and place weighed as important from the meandering voyages of the creator of the written scripts that accompany them. They are written, broken, as they are intended to be heard aloud.

This collection by no means comprises the full volume of work written, or lives intersected, but instead is assembled in keeping with the myriad inconsistencies of the journey – a companion piece to a life well lived. The verses included are both selections from previous published titles (The Years Distilled, (un)SPOKEN, Fresh, Hole in the World) and pieces crafted, completely new, exclusively for this volume alone.

(Available in Hardback, Softcover, and eBook)

*****And following shortly will be...
*Distant Thunder - The Coming Storm Book Two

*Mitch Will vs. The Queen of Evil and Her Space Zombies!

*Her Boy Friday

*Driving Rain - The Coming Storm Book Three

*Doom Country

*Tangles - Mythic Book One

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