Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Childhood Hollywood Crushes

(I'm not a fan of GIFs)
    I was having a discussion with a friend about my "Childhood Hollywood Crushes." Why does that matter? Well, it started me thinking about the topic. That led to me dwelling on the topic. In turn, that led to me actually make a year by year list, starting in 1984 (when I was seven and first remember crushing on someone on TV or in a film) and ending in 1991 (when I was fourteen and started seriously worrying about real life crushes more than those on TV or in film) completely with film or television references and pictures. 

    Why would I take the time to make a list like this? I'm more than a little obsessive, and I have to follow rabbits as far down their holes as I can. If I can. Anyway...

    Then, the topic showed up again, a few dozen times, on my Facebook timeline (see example to the left), and I figured that now was as good a time as any to put my list in a blog post for ease of access and all. 

    So, yeah, without further ado... here is my list:

My Childhood Hollywood Crushes:

1) Soleil Moon Frye 1984
(Punky Brewster)

2) Molly Ringwald 1984-85
(Sixteen Candles/Breakfast Club)

3) Jennifer Connelly 1985-86
(Seven Minutes in Heaven/Labyrinth) 

4) Winona Ryder 1986

5) Josie Davis 1987
(Charles in Charge)

6) Mary Stuart Masterson 1987
(Some Kind of Wonderful)

7) Winona Ryder 1988

8) Meredith Salenger 1989
(Dream a Little Dream)

9) Samantha Mathis 1990
(Pump up the Volume)

10) Jennifer Connelly 1991
(Career Opportunities)

In total:

    I'm more than certain that all this falls squarely under the heading of "Too Much Information," but, me? I'm the sharing (or oversharing) type... from time to time.  

    How about you? Do you overshare? Who were your crushes? Comment below (with pics if you like) of yours.

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  1. Hey this is Noah. We met on the phone today. I had several of the same growing up. Definitely Jennifer Connelly around both time frames. Labyrinth is still one of my all time favorite films.