Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recent Reads and Recommendations...

So... guilty confession: I've been reading less lately than normal. That’s not to say that I haven’t been reading. Oh, no. Never that. I've just been so busy that my reading time has been cut down quite a bit. 

Screen Cap of my 5-star shelf
It’s because of that that I feel I should share some of the new titles I've been reading… and what I've gone back and reread recently as well. You can consider these recommendations, from me… as I have rated these titles 5 stars (on Goodreads, because that’s where you tell the world how much you love books, right?). 

Nothing O’Clock, The Sandman, and Scribe could all be easily read in the time most people waste flipping channels in an average day… and they would be a much better use of that time. Need a quick read? Gaiman, Burke, and Whiteside all really deliver.

The Collected Dorothy Parker and Broken Pieces are titles from sharp and witty, well-spoken (or written) women geniuses. One is obviously heart wrenching and relatable and the other is equally moving the more you chose to learn about the author. Not novels, but books more worth your time.

Then there’s a book you can pick up any time and laugh. No deeper plot to get lost in, but always entertaining. In OMG my kids said WHAT? Wheeler will not disappoint you.

I read Space Shuttles in school, and knew that it was a great collection (put together by Isaac Asimov, so you know they’re quality), but I didn’t know how well they would hold up. Guess what? They hold up marvelously. As a collection, this one is gold… assuming you like science fiction, that is. Me? I do.

Need some deep reading? Intellectual exercise to  keep your mental processes in shape? The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap and The Luck of the Weissensteiners will give you that in spades… and they are both accessible! These books were both a reading experience. Fischer and Mahurin are rare talents in the modern writing community… both, I believe, born out of their time.

These are just a few… and just my opinions… take them for what they are worth… or, decide for yourself… give them a read!


Upcoming reviews


by S.K. Whiteside

"Talk about hell on earth..." Sekhmet's life was pretty good; you know for a goddess. Her job was simple - kill those that sought to go against the creator. It was a job she was good at but unfortunately got a little too carried away with when she almost single handedly wiped out mankind.


by K.R. Jordan

If you stopped time in that instant before the ancient one was impelled by the Realm of Clouds to reach out and taste fate, you would see an amazing sight. If you hovered in the face of the masterpiece of light and color, you would behold the sorrowful expression of an exquisite fairy. Long red hair flowed out behind her as she flies.


  1. Beautiful mind and equally beautiful soul. Thank you for your kind words. It means so much more coming from such a talent such as yourself.