Saturday, May 7, 2011

Articles, Guest Blogs, and Self Promotion

So over the course of the upcoming month I've agreed to write a few online articles, and guest blog spot on several book review blogs. I've done this both as a shameless self-promotion bid, and because I really can't do anything else productive in the world besides write, so why not do more of it? Right?

I'll make notes on here and set links to my wild gallivanting around the intra-webz so that any of you interested can follow me in as many text locations as possible (can we say: critical mass).

I've also been on a binge of shameless self promotion lately for Blood & Spirits, as I'm sure many of you have seen. This seems to have had an upside, though. I am currently featured on, and I have even started to rapidly pick up twitter followers (one of which even approached me for a publishing deal).

The first week of May 2011 has been a positive and productive one. Now my task is clear: Make the second week just as positive and productive, if not more so.

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