Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two new pieces

Both of these pieces were inspired by a dear friend Karyn. I thought I'd share them, for those of you who like poetry.

Unrequited love, at 5:53am

Shivers down my spine,
And I start giggling,
When I'm unguarded
And I hear people say her name.

I feel like there's this snow globe
Of my love for her
And a happy place inside
That once I shake it,
To get the snow going,
Will all shatter

But I know when she walks in a room,
Even when my back is turned.
I know when she leaves a room.
And I know when she's happy,
I know when someone's making her
I can hear her laugh in a loud room;
Pick hers out in a crowd.

I have not been dishonest.
I am a friend to her.

But if I'm completely honest,
I may no longer be allowed
To have even that piece of her.


…and some really good things
came out of the deaths.

My aunt was a woman that taught literature,
And was cool as hell,
Seemed like she was proper
Most of the time.
Seemed like my secret.

Her memorial service
Coworkers, friends,
And former students spoke,
And I realized
She was a secret
I shared with the world.

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